The how, what, where, when, & why of the story:

How is Edgar Allan Poe’s gruesome imagination for shock and terror made real and used as lethal punishment after a drive-by shooting goes awry?

What is the reason for the coroner’s seemingly impossible findings after each gang member’s death?

Where can a newspaper reporter prevent a mysterious psychic’s prophecy of impending evil from befalling his brother?

When will it be too late to prevent a young boy from stopping his father’s path to eternal damnation?

Why are two rival street gangs transformed from the hunters to the hunted? Turned from tough to fearful? Dominant to submissive?

Although Keith’s novel, THE POE CONSEQUENCE, utilizes supernatural horror as the premise for much of the action, the range of humanity displayed by the everyday characters is quite real. From the depths of hatred, guilt, fear, and racism to the hope offered by revelation and redemption, common emotions are intertwined with the perverse and morbid for the reader to observe and contemplate.


Henry Holt and Company - “the modern twist on the vengeful ghost is one of the more original ideas I’ve come across in recent fiction submissions. For me, Keith Steinbaum’s writing quickly took on a cinematic quality.”

Little, Brown, and Company – “I enjoyed Mr. Steinbaum’s page turning writing, and I think he’s found a great character in Warren. I also liked the literary connection the thriller makes with Edgar Allan Poe.”

William Morrow – “Supernatural thrillers are very hot right now and Keith crafts a great story.”

The Random House Publishing Group – “It’s an ambitious concept.”

Grand Central Publishing“I admire the ambitious scope of this story.”

St. Martin’s Press – “I thought this was a really neat idea...the writing was good.”

Penguin Group – “The author does an excellent job of melding Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry into the story, and his knowledge of Latino gang life in L.A. certainly comes through in the narrative.”

Kensington Publishing Corp. – “I found the premise to be intriguing and the first chapter set an appropriately spooky tone.”

The Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group –
“This fast paced thriller reveals an intriguing story line of one being tormented by an obsession in the afterlife. The hunt for Warren, already dead, really kept me turning the pages.”