Today, March 15, 2020, it seems that most of the world is on lockdown due to the Corona virus. In this time of international fear, sickness, and, tragically, death, it may seem crazy to put any kind of positive spin on this, but observing this through the lens of an author, I'm struck by a reality that is undeniable as evidenced through the groundbreaking decisions of the airline industry and so many governments. The world is facing a shared enemy and is working together for everyone's mutual benefit.

Do you remember the theme of H.G. Wells' classic, 'War of the Worlds?' Countries everywhere needed to come together for their own mutual survival against a common enemy whether or not they had antagonistic relationships.  Why?  Because that hostility paled in comparison to the crises that existed.  The same concept occurred in the movie, 'Independence Day.' No doubt I'm omitting a number of other literary and cinematic works with similar storylines but with what's currently occurring in the world pertaining to the Corona virus it's a vivid example of the meshing of fiction and reality. There are other cinematic stories such as 'Contagion' which is, perhaps, the one most widely discussed for its similarities to current events, but that takes me in a different direction from the purpose of this blog.

When I developed the ideas for my novel, THE POE CONSEQUENCE,' scheduled for re-release on March 28th, I thought about those two aforementioned stories, 'War of the Worlds,' and 'Independence Day,' but not because of a desire to write another mutual survival story involving the entire world. What I wanted to write was a story that zeroed in on two rival street gangs who need to work together in the face of annihilation when they confront a common enemy intent on their mutual destruction.  In the real world, can you imagine if the notorious Bloods and Crips street gangs faced a similar situation? What would happen if they both came to realize that they were defenseless against an inescapable enemy who couldn't be stopped by either of them and didn't care if it was a member of one gang or the other who needed to be killed? THE POE CONSEQUENCE asks, and answers, this question: How do you escape the inescapable?

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  1. You raise an interesting point. The Crips and The Bloods settled their territorial disputes through negotiation, not through violence. What if our governments around the world shared their knowledge and resources to defeat this unseen foe? Wouldn’t that be utopian or what?

    1. Oh, most definitely, Trish. Some signs of that may be breaking out, though. Yesterday I read that China flew in a lot of medical supplies to Italy, and my son told me that the Israeli government sent supplies to the Palestinians. If these things are happening, other instances most likely are as well so if that expression about politics makes strange bedfellows is true, perhaps pandemics do as well.

    1. Thank you, Saralyn. I would of course preferred that my blog compared my storyline to something other than a real life pandemic but the reality is that I did see this link albeit in a much smaller scale with two rival street gangs in a fight for their lives against an unseen and highly dangerous common enemy.

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