By way of introduction…

Here is a list of subjects that have each garnered big sales and with which I have nothing in common:

  1. A celebrity who writes a book to tell you what they've gone through
  2. A politician who writes a book to tell you the way it should be
  3. A spiritualist who writes a book to tell you the way you should think
  4. An economist who writes a book to tell you how to make money
  5. A dietician who writes a book to tell you how not to die before your time

I'm a creative writer, an author of two fictional novels, and a sports fan, so I’ll conclude with a suitable analogy on behalf of so many passionate writers who, like myself, work very hard on our stories but often lack the same promotional opportunities as those authors signed with the big publishing houses. Just as you don’t have to be a top draft pick to have the talent to play as a professional, you don't have to be under contract with one of those publishing giants to have what it takes to make an impact on a reader and lead them through an engaging and memorable literary journey.

The history of sports is filled with examples of those who were initially overlooked and underestimated by the scouts but went on to great success.  All I'm hoping for is a chance to prove myself to you with my Beatles-themed whodunnit murder mystery titled, You Say Goodbye, and/or my supernatural suspense novel titled, The Poe Consequence.

6 Replies to “By way of introduction…”

  1. I grew up in in L.A., I’m a sports fan and I love a good mystery. So you’ve got me hooked already. I look forward to reading your book.

  2. As you know, I have ordered your book that hooked me already with Beatles connection.. couldn’t let that get past me. That was what brought me to your web site and Facebook page.. and now to this bog. I am going to share this on my news feed, and patiently wait for my book. Positive vibes, buddy.. positive.

    1. Kathy, I will take your positive vibes that you’re sending my way and embrace them as a source of strength and support. Thank you for sharing my blog on your news feed that’s a cool gesture and much appreciated. Stay in touch and let me know when the book arrives.

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