Is tarot card reading based in reality?  Can someone foretell the future just by looking at the cards? Or is tarot reading simply an elaborate scam to entice you to be fooled into handing over your money?  Let’s try to look at things from a neutral point of view and learn more about both sides.


While there is certainly room for error, tarot readers argue that tarot really does work and that the cards can actually describe specific details of a person’s life. Anyone can eventually learn how to read them because there are books that help walk you through the meanings of each card.  However, it takes practice to be able to decipher the myriad of interpretations. An experienced reader will see patterns that a beginner isn't yet able to.

Believers state that tarot card readings can tell you the possibilities of given situations but none of it is set in stone and it’s only showing you a fork in the road.  It's up to you which path you take.


Conversely, there are skeptics who feel that tarot reading is nonsense, causing people to fall prey to the art of “cold reading” people to make their victims believe in what they're supposedly interpreting. These sly individuals can pick up a great deal of information by simply analyzing a person, such as one's facial expression, body language, age, or clothing.  Afterwards, they will get the person to talk more about his/her situation and manipulate the reading to make it sound convincing.  And by using such manipulative techniques as uttering lines about the person perhaps having a 'curse,' often times those people will pay the readers extra money to help them lift it.


In the first chapter of my book, THE POE CONSEQUENCE, the reader is introduced to a mysterious psychic named Madame Sibilia. Her grim demeanor and ominous interpretation of the Tarot Cards during a reading launches a series of events that spiral out of control and is a major premise of the story.


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