About Keith


With a great sense of gratitude I’m proud of accolades that I’ve received for my two novels, The Poe Consequence and You Say Goodbye.


Recipient of a Top Shelf Book Awards nomination for 2020
Recipient of a Finalist placing in the 2019 international Book Excellence Awards competition
Recipient of a 5-star top rating review from Readers Favorite
Recipient of a 4-star top rating review from OnlineBookClub.org


Awarded Supernatural Thriller of the Year by Books-and-Authors.net
Recognized as a book of the year in the 2015 Kirkus Reviews year end issue
Recipient of a Finalist placing in the 2017 international Book Excellence Awards competition
Soon to be Re-release in March 2020 from Black Opal Books!


I grew up in Los Angeles and still live there today, so I certainly know the city well enough to make it the backdrop of my two novels, The Poe Consequence and You Say Goodbye.  Having started as a poet during my high school years, I eventually branched out as a song lyricist with limited professional success until awareness that I wanted to write a story suddenly washed over me one day like a soft, encompassing waterfall.  Working through the number of years and hundreds of hours necessitated by each story presented a tremendous challenge, but through the maze of difficulty came the rays of achievement.  Whether readers of my books enjoy them or not, to borrow a sports analogy, I left it all out on the field.



A personal, life-changing event occurred in my mid teens that transformed me into a creative writer, and although I paid the bills through a long career in the landscape industry, in my heart I’ve always considered myself a creative writer first and foremost. It took years of piecing together reasons for occasional bouts of sadness and esteem issues to finally understand the fact that I needed to answer that calling and to do something about it.

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