In Lieu of Flowers

In Lieu of Flowers 324x486


In Lieu of Flowers spans three different time periods covering almost 100 years.  Beginning in 1920 Bucharest, the story’s ungodly, immortal antagonist is introduced in the guise of a human. From a demonic negotiation with a member of the Roma community and a near tragic experience befalling a young mother, a meeting between her and a 100-year-old Roma mystic is arranged in which the old woman predicts a chilling event in the mother’s future—even after the mother’s death.

The story proceeds into WWII’s Operation Tidal Wave— a fictional scene from an actual 1943 bombing mission over the German oilfields in Romania. Peter Levy, an American airman and part of the mission, is the obsession of the antagonist whose plans for eternal conquest originated in Bucharest those twenty-three years earlier.

The story finishes in 2017 Los Angeles, centered mostly around Evergreen Cemetery in a section of the city known as Boyle Heights. What happens to Peter seventy-four years after his death turns into a desperate attempt by the story’s protagonist, a cemetery employee named Terrence Covington, to save Peter’s inhabited, possessed spirit through information received from objects found in child’s game.

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